Sky Broadband

On Sky Broadband you must disable Sky Shield, to do so please follow these steps.

  1. Go to if the webpage just takes you to the main sky page, just google "Sky Shield"
  2. 2.    Hit the Sign In button
  3. For some bizarre reason, Sky may forward you to the home page,  if it does, then reload
  4. You will now see a page that says "activate Sky Shield", this does NOT mean your sky shield is off
  5. Click active Sky Shield
  6. Sky Shield is likely set to "suitable for everyone" or "teens and older", to disable it set it to "suitable for adults only" and click save.


Also disable ipv6 on the router go to  advanced tab - Lan ip setup - LAN TCP/IPv6 Setup and un-tick Enable IPv6 on LAN side and save then reboot device

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